8 Leadership Styles that Encourage (or Diminish) Faith- For Better (or Worse)

Unlike the prophet, judge, king-led faith assembly of the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit engages humanity in a manner that guides, inspires, provokes, encourages, discerns, and cautions the will of each of us on a personal and intimate level. Spiritual freewill is largely a result of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice and made possible through the Holy … More 8 Leadership Styles that Encourage (or Diminish) Faith- For Better (or Worse)

Loyalty is [not] a Virtue

Loyalty On the surface, loyalty denotes a keen sense of integrity and significance of self-sacrificing commitment. There is no doubt that when pursued in respect to efforts that serve to elevate authentic virtue, loyalty delivers positive intrinsic returns and social repute. But, what is the result of ill-placed loyalty? When can an ethically intended practice … More Loyalty is [not] a Virtue

Conscious Faith

Without realizing it, many faithful servants of Christ are in fact striving to maintain an archaic practice of behavioral submission to corporate expectation rather than experience freedom of expression in direct response to the Creator himself. Fear-based and controlled ideologies replace and distract the conscious mind in the traded effort to address the menial tasks … More Conscious Faith

Members Welcome -part 1

The modern American church exists in many various forms of purpose, service, ideals, mission, and theological levels that seek to satiate the appetite of an even larger variety of theological seekers. To the untrained eye and eager-to-please patron, corporate religion appears to serve as Biblical scripture’s appointed doppelgänger. Prior to my previously mentioned spiritual pivot, … More Members Welcome -part 1