Rev. Mrs. Stephanie Wilson, MS SC LPC NCC- (Steph…. Stephanie for short)

Four of these titles I’ve earned, two I obtained through holy matrimony, one was a gift from my parents, and one (as a formal description when adjoined with Mrs.) appeared in the mail after my husband accepted his first pastoral youth and music position in a midwestern evangelical church.

However, who I am is less descriptive than my name or any title I have earned. At times, I am fully all of these. But most of the time, I don’t feel worthy of any. The name, Stephanie, alone is defined as “crowned one.” A description I have not done anything (and can do nothing) to earn, but God assures me I don’t have to in order to be accepted as his daughter into his royal family.

I accepted this crown officially in Sunday school at the age of 3. Brought up evangelical on a conservative, theologically-recommended, 3 hearty services per week routine (excluding Easter and Christmas seasons when you may as well plan on canceling all non-church related commitments).

Daughter of a midwest farmer’s son and a shoe cobbler’s daughter. Raised in middle-class 1980’s Colorado (Mork and Mindy’s Colorado- not X-Games and weed Colorado). Married to the son of an Air force accountant and an ATF agent. Wife of a theo-scientific deity chronologist, chaplain, marketing guru, and amazing father. Mother of two daughters- genuine gifts of God’s talent and grace.

Disliker of entitlement, dishonesty, and the elephant in any room.

Truth-seeker, service-provider, believer.

Eternally Provoked

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